Eyes:organ of sight


其他題名:Organ of sight

作者:editor, Chuah Hock Seng;illustrator, C. S. Tong


出版社:Young Scientists Pte Ltd


集叢名:The human body



EISBN:9789810894283 set

分類:兒童學習  英文書  


This Series of books on‘The Human Body’are written to enhance the pupils’knowledge of Biology (Human Sciences).
They are specially designed to provide clarity of vision and concepts employing colourful illustrations and pictures instead of lengthy and wordy descriptions.
Scientific facts, information and technical datas are explained in simple structured sentences that are easy to read andunderstand.
This is a Series of Science reference books that no students of Science can afford to do without.

  • ■ Eyes are Meant to see
  • ■ There is a Room in my Eye
  • ■ Know Your Eyes
  • ■ Iris and Pupil
  • ■ Eye Exercise
  • ■ Eyes Can Deceive
  • ■ What Happens if There is One Eye Less?
  • ■ Folds in the Eyelids
  • ■ Animals with Strange Eyes
  • ■ What Can Happen to Our Eyes?
  • ■ Protect Your Eyes
  • ■ Glossary