The wishing well:another weaver tale


作者:by Kai Strand


出版社:Guardian Angel Publishing

出版地:Saint Louis, Mo.



分類:兒童繪本  英文書  

Molly Minstrel is treated worse than Cinderella by her mom and sisters. When Molly meets the magical creature, Unwanted, she wishes her problems away. However, you must first understand what you need before knowing what to ask for. Molly will have to look within for the solution to her troubles.

  • Chapter One Cinderweaver
  • Chapter Two An Unwanted Meeting
  • Chapter Three Late For Dinner
  • Chapter Four A Raw Deal
  • Chapter Five Inheritance Detour
  • Chapter Six Stew and Calluses
  • Chapter Seven The Titaness Descends
  • Chapter Eight Wishing Well
  • Chapter Nine Seeing Paisley
  • Chapter Ten Disappointed Expectations
  • Chapter Eleven Molly Weaves
  • Chapter Twelve Mop, Rinse, Repeat
  • Chapter Thirteen Here Comes the Bride
  • Chapter Fourteen Sir Edward and His Man
  • Chapter Fifteen Eva’s Epic Loss
  • Chapter Sixteen Unwanted Advice
  • Chapter Seventeen The Exodus
  • Chapter Eighteen Admissions
  • Chapter Nineteen Legacy