Land of lost socks:a children’s musical


作者:by Jane Tesh;Music and Lyrics by Joni Klein-Higger


出版社:Guardian Angel Publishing

出版地:Saint Louis, Mo.




When Joel's older brother tells him to get lost, Joel really gets lost! Amelia Earhart, the Lost Colony, and the Anazasi people are some of the famous historical mysteries Joel learns about when he is befriended by two lost socks, Tube and Argyle, in a land filled with missing things. Suggested age range for performers: 5- 12 Music CDs to accompany the play are available at the publisher's and author's websites. Music soundtrack CD also available at

  • Musical Intro: Chorus to “FLYING”
  • Song #1: “Peeking Song”
  • Song #2: “Everything You’ve Ever Lost”
  • Song #3: “Flying”
  • Song #4: “No One’s Found Out”
  • Song #5: “Wouldn’t It Be Fine”