A Young Person’s Guide to Christianity


作者:R. Douglas Wardrop


出版社:Strategic Book Publishing and Rights Co.

出版地:London, England


ISBN:9781628578768; 9781631355813

分類:基督教  英文書  

R. Douglas Wardrop believes that most books describing Christianity are filled with errors and are boring. This book is biblically accurate and is never boring! It uses strong graphics and colorful presentations combined with simple language. It is also fairly short and can be read through quickly. A Young Person's Guide to Christianity provides a fairly complete description of Christianity, and will appeal to young people from about seven years old to late teens. The book guides them on how to become born again Christians. Key Christianity beliefs are defined and important questions are answered in a way that is biblically accurate. The Greatness of God is described in two ways: 1) Using items such as a bowling ball, grass, sand, and a mustard seed, strong image ideas are given to show how vast God's creation is. 2) Using scientific information for distances within our solar system, the time taken for the fastest jet airliner and light to traverse these distances is shown (in a strong graphical way). These distances begin with the distance from New York to London, and end with the distance from the Earth to the sun. Again the aim is to show how vast is God's creation. God's main promises to you are given, with the main aim to make these promises real and personal to you. A Young Person's Guide to Christianity defines how you can begin your Christian life and a prayer for this is included.
  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 Definitions
  • 3 What Does the Bible Teach ?
  • 4 Why Should I Care What the Bible Teaches ?
  • 7 Greatness of God
  • 8 God’s Promises to You
  • 9 A Definition of Salvation
  • 10 Beginning Your Christian Life