The Heart Stone


作者:Raynor Woods[原作]


出版社:Strategic Book Group

出版地:Durham, Conn


ISBN:9781606935521; 9781618970312

分類:青少年文學  英文書  

The Neg War has begun! Only ten children armed with creative imaginations can save Queen Iridaan and her brave faerie warriors from annihilation.

  • The Heart Stone Verse
  • Chapter 1: The Neg Invasion
  • Chapter 2: Meet Susan Grey, Her Friends And Enemies!
  • Chapter 3: A Game Of L.A.R.P.And A Budding Romance
  • Chapter 4: A Good Game Spoiled By Bullies
  • Chapter 5: Puppy Tails And Granny Wails!
  • Chapter 6: Susan And Seb Serve It Up Italian Style!
  • Chapter 7: A Faerie Emissary Is Sent To Susan
  • Chapter 8: Susan Visits The Faerie Realm
  • Chapter 9: Susan And Hawthorne Return To Bring Help
  • Chapter 10: Susan Takes Seb To The Faerie Realm
  • Chapter 11: A Food Reward!For A Strategic Victory!
  • Chapter 12: Peace With Gran And Ten Go To The Realm Of Faeries
  • Chapter 13: Victory! And George’s Incredible Story!
  • Chapter 14: Susan, Aliya And The Voice Of Nature
  • Chapter 15: The Return Of The Negs
  • Chapter 16: Susan Returns To Earth To Ask A Neg Child For Help
  • Chapter 17: Susan And Hawthorne Take The Neg Child To The Realm Of Faeries
  • Chapter 18: The Heart Stone And The Neg Child
  • Chapter 19: The Arrival Of The Slegna
  • Chapter 20: The Children Carry The Heart Stone To Earth
  • Definition Of A Neg
  • Definition Of A Faerie