Your mailbox is full!:motivating today’s teens


其他題名:motivating today’s teens

作者:Justin Sachs


出版社:[Motivational Press, Inc.]

出版地:[Carlsbad, CA]



分類:青少年文學  英文書  

Your Mailbox is Full is a teen development book which gives teens the life-skills and leadership development principles teenagers need to be successful in high school, college and throughout their lives. . It teaches the most important tools needed to take your life to the next level. Together, We ll Accomplish These Results: 1. Greater Self-Esteem to Overcome Peer Pressure 2. Power to Set Motivating and Exciting Goals 3. A Passion for Contribution 4. A Positive Outlook on Life 5. A Clear Vision of One s Life Plan 6. A Positive and Motivating Role Model for Today s Youth 7. The Feeling of Being In Charge of Your Destiny 8. Increases Productivity in Both School and Extracurricular Activities 9. Enhanced Leadership Development 10. To Live Life More Energized and Motivated.

  • Introduction
  • Chapter One:Power to Shape Your Destiny
  • Chapter Two:Increasing Self-Confidence to Overcome Peer Pressure
  • Chapter Three:Positive Outlook
  • Chapter Four:Creating A Life Plan
  • Chapter Five:Setting Goals
  • Chapter Six:Modeling and Attraction
  • Chapter Seven:Time Management
  • Chapter Eight:Contribution Is Your Responsibility
  • Chapter Nine:Leadership Development
  • Chapter Ten:Healthy Lifestyle
  • The Challenge
  • Crisis in Leadership Resources
  • Bibliography