The Christmas files:operation snowstorm


其他題名:operation snowstorm

作者:by Alan Wilkinson


出版社:Andrews UK Limited


集叢名:AUK New Authors

格式:EPUB 流式



The Christmas Files: Operation Snowstorm is a hugely entertaining comedy thriller that shows us Santa and his toymaking operation as we've never seen them before.
The story centres around ruthless billionaire Luther Averus's plot to get rid of Santa and claim Christmas for himself.
To further his evil ends he recruits a young elf and former thief called Genk Relbeck.
Genk at first goes along with the plan but rebels when he realises the extent of Averus's wicked intentions.
The action flits furiously back and forth between New York and the North Pole as Genk races against time to save the day.
In the middle of it all is Santa, struggling to hold on to the spirit of Christmas as he faces the pressures of the modern world and a pushy marketing director who wants him to hit the chat show circuit...

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